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About Metocrypto?

Metocrypto is a Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency investment platform that help investors earn passively by investing in cryptocurrencies.

We are one of the most successful, safe and secured online investment platform to start your cryptocurrency investment. At Metocrypto we have the best team of cryptocurrency mining and investment expert that have been involved in cryptocurrency space since the early days of Bitcoin.


Why Choose Our Platform?

We have created a decentralize platform that enables you to invest and earn effortlessly

Metocrypto provides Risk- Free Investment platform to global cryptocurrency investors, which is a landmark for the company performance. We offer the best weekly profit in cryptocurrency investment.

Investment Plans

Exciting investment packages we offer



10% Weekly Payout

24/7 Support

Instant Withdrawal

Plan Validity - 1 year



15% weekly Payout

24/7 Support

Instant Withdrawal

Plan Validity - 1 year



20% Weekly Payout

24/7 Support

Instant Withdrawal

Plan Validity - 1 year



25% Weekly Payout

24/7 Support

Instant Withdrawal

Plan Validity - 1 year



30% Weekly Payout

24/7 Support

Instant Withdrawal

Plan Validity - 1 year

User-base Standard Growth

Over the period of seven (7) years we have established our presence in the cryptocurrency investment market. We have been able to satisfy over 69,000 active users. Wow!

700 Active Users January 2015
4,093 Active Users March 2016
12,000+ Active Users March 2017
29,500 Active Users April 2018
41,540 Active Users January 2019
53,750+ Active Users April 2020
61,300 Active Users May 2021
69,000 Active Users February 2022


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Frequently asked questions

Learn more from other users' experience while using our platform

Metocrypto LTD brings a new range of cloud mining services brought to you by the Metocrypto LTD team of cryptocurrency mining experts. Our team has been involved with cryptocurrencies since the inception of Bitcoin and has over 3 years of experience in the field of mining cryptocurrencies.

We accept members from all over the world, irrespective of their citizenship. Our services are available to any individual or legal entity in the world.

We plan to offer our investment services for as long as our clients are satisfied with our provided cryptocurrency investment opportunities. We have designed a perfect financial and advertising strategy that ensures constant progress and growth. Thanks to our market analysts.

We offer 5 investment plans that pays out from 5% to 25% weekly for the duration of your contract with us. Your principal (initial investment amount) is included at the end of your contract with us.

We accept following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash.

The minimum amount per investment is $500 and there is no maximum limit. You can have as many active investments as you wish.

You can have as many active investments as you wish. But each deposit will be treated separately.

All Bitcoin withdrawals are processed instantly. Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum withdrawals are processed manually within 24 business hours.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.00 (Ten US Dollar) and there is no maximum limit. You can request as many withdrawals per day as you wish.

Yes it is. You can buy a package with one currency and when you want to withdraw, you choose a different currency.

Once your contract term has expired you will be paid your principal investment, irrespective of what you have earn over time investing with us.

We pay a referral commission to your Metocrypto account from investments made by your referrals (by the members you attract to our platform). Metocrypto offers to participate in a sinleg-tier affiliate program. 5% - 10% paid on referrals who attrack to join our platform. Regional representatives earns doubled referral awards (20%).

You can participate in our affiliate program by registering and sharing your affiliate link with others.

To apply for a Regional Representative status you should have at least an active contract of $1000. Then send your application to us by mail at

Please visit your members’ area on your dashboard to receive your affiliate link. It’s in the format: "”, where “username” is your unique username at Metocrypto investment platform.

No, you are not obligated to make a deposit in order to participate in our affiliate program.

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